Lap5: ” The Lady or the Tiger” questions:

Answer the following from question the text?

Where did the king sit in the arena?

He was sitting in the center of the Arena right next to his beautiful daughter.

Did the tiger come out of the same door every trial?

No, he came out different doors every time there was a different trial.

Did the princess like the lady who had been chosen to her lover’s trial? Give reasons.

No, the princess did not like the women that lay behind the doors. In fact, she hated her because she thought that the women fancied her lover.

How did the princess indicate to her lover the door of her choice ?

The way in which the princess indicated the door in which she wanted her lover to open is by making a slight gesture with her right arm.

What had the princess seen in her dreams?

I don’t know.

Did the princess expect her lover to ask her to indicate which door he should choose?

yes, and she was right.

Do you think women ever committed  crimes in the kingdom? If they did, how do you think they were tried?

I do think that women committed crimes in the kingdom, and as a punishment they would be forced away from whatever family that they had to be put behind one of the doors that will be opened so hen they would have to marry  someone he didn’t want to.

in you own words:

write a description of the king’s arena

the king’s arena was a place of justice in the king’s eyes. it had two doors that contained something in them that could change one’s life forever, wether they liked t or not. The arena was large and empty besides the seats that surrounded the arena itself.

describe the king’s method of administrating justice.

The way the king administrated justice to people is quite simple… he allowed them to choose their own fate.  He sets the person in an arena with two different doors, in one door there is a vicious tiger waiting to feast on someone’s blood. In the other door, there’s a woman waiting to be married. The kings lets the person choose the door he wishes, and whatever happens, is fair.

why did the princess have difficulty which door to indicate her lover?

The reason why the princess had difficulties indicating which door to pick for her lover  is because she didn’t want to see her lover die right in front of her very eyes, however she also didn’t want to see the love of her life be married off to someone she hated from the bottom of her heart.

If you were the princess which option would you have indicated and why?

If I were the princess, I would’ve pointed to the door that had the women in it because although i hated the women the last thing I would want is for my lover’s life to be on my hands.

Write an ending to the story. It may or may not involve opening a door.

The end of my story would be that the princess kills her father and she lives her life with the love of her life happily.

Do you agree with the author that the king’s method of administrating justice was fair?


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